Motoo Komoda

President, Principal Consultant

Motoo Komoda is President and Principal Consultant of Nagata Acoustics International, managing all room acoustics, sound isolation and noise & vibration control consulting services. Mr. Komoda has over 25 years of experience in room acoustics, sound isolation and noise & vibration control. Continue…

Yasuhisa Toyota, DSc.

Executive Advisor, Principal Consultant

Dr. Yasuhisa Toyota is Executive Advisor and founder of Nagata Acoustics International. With over 30 years of experience in designing some of the world’s finest performance venues, Dr. Toyota is an established international authority in the field of concert hall design. Continue…

Marc Quiquerez

Senior Consultant

Marc Quiquerez joined Nagata Acoustics in Los Angeles in 2006 upon graduation. Marc earned a MSc in Engineering and a MRes in Acoustics from Ecole Centrale de Lyon (France), one of the top French schools of engineering. In 2008, after 2 years in Los Angeles office, he moved back to France to staff the newly opened Paris Office.

Erik Bergal

Senior Consultant

Erik Bergal joined Nagata Acoustics in 2013 upon graduation. Erik graduated from the University of Colorado-Boulder with a BS in Civil Engineering, specializing in structures and a BA in Music, concentrating in piano performance. Currently back in Los Angeles, Erik spent nearly two year in the Paris office.

Noémie Liotard


Noémie Liotard joined Nagata Acoustics in 2017 with four year’s experience in building acoustics. Noémie studied at the engineering school ENSIM at the University of Le Mans (France) and Polytechnique Montréal (Canada) to graduate as an engineer specializing in acoustics. Her interest in room acoustic comes from her passion for music through her education in music theory and cello.

Matthieu Fesneau


Matthieu Fesneau joined Nagata Acoustics in 2020 after graduating from the Ecole Centrale de Lyon (France), where he earned a Master’s Degree in Engineering, with a specialized training in Energy and Acoustics. He also focused on fluid mechanics and computer science. His deep interest in concert hall and acoustics was developed through his early passion for music.


Mariko Nagai

Ikue Tsutsumi