Dr. Minoru Nagata, Company Founder

Dr. Minoru Nagata, was a graduate of Tokyo University Faculty of Engineering, Department of Applied Physics and Instrumentation (1949), and received his doctorate in sound insulation of air-borne sound at Tohoku University in 1962. In 1963-64, Dr. Nagata was Visiting Researcher at Göttingen University in West Germany, where he studied room acoustics of European concert halls and theaters under Professors E. Meyer and H. Kuttruff. He also visited and studied with Dr. W. Kuhl (IRT in Hamburg), Dr. D. Schwarze (SFB in West Berlin), and Professor Gösel (ITP in Stuttgart). During his year in West Germany, he formulated his basic philosophy and methodology of architectural acoustical design.

Prior to establishing Nagata Acoustics, Inc. as an independent, limited liability company in the private sector, Dr. Nagata was a member of the NHK Technical Research Laboratory, a branch of the semi-governmental Japan Broadcasting Corporation. During his 22 years at NHK, Dr. Nagata pursued research in room acoustics and building materials, and was in charge of the architectural acoustical design for Tokyo Bunka Kaikan and other major civic halls and performing arts facilities. At the time he left the NHK laboratory, he was head of its Acoustic and Audio Engineering Division.


  • Sato Prize from the Acoustical Society of Japan (twice)
  • Best Technical Paper from the Acoustical Society of America
  • Prize of the Architectural Institute of Japan
  • Prize for Distinguished Achievement in Acoustics by the Acoustical Society of Japan
  • Japan Audio Society Award
  • Nippon Steel Music Award
  • WATANABE Akeo Music Foundation Special Award


  • Acoustical Design of Buildings, OHM Book Company, Tokyo (1974)
  • Planning and Design of Audio Listening Rooms, OHM Book Company, Tokyo (1975)
  • Quietness, Comfortable Sound and Excellent Acoustics, Shokokusha, Tokyo (1986)
  • Bose Professional Products Design Guide, OHM Book Company, Tokyo (1991)