Zaryadye Concert Hall

Opening Year 2018
Location Moscow, Russia
Capacity 1,560 seats
Architect TPO Reserve
Owner City of Moscow
Construction Cost RUB 17M

Zaryadye Concert Hall is located on the the south-east corner of Zaryadye Park in central Moscow, along the Moskva river and just a stone-throw away from the Kremlin compound and the Red Square. Design started in 2015 and construction was completed in August 2018. Moscow-based TPO Reserve served as principal designer for the building and halls, with Nagata Acoustics providing consulting services for the room acoustical design of the two concert halls of the venue: the 1560-seat Large Hall, dedicated to orchestral programs in natural acoustics, and the 400-seat Small Hall designed for recital and chamber music as well as orchestra rehearsals.

The Large Hall exhibits an vineyard-type layout, with a wide parterre divided by tilted walls and a terrace seating warping around the stage and rising toward     the rear of the hall to create a balcony. The hall offers a large stage suitable for full- size orchestra which can be extended upstage by a fully retractable choir seating block. The front of the parterre consists of movable platforms which can be lowered to create a vast orchestra pit. Additionally, the entire main floor can be lowered into a fully flat floor. All these features allow for maximum flexibility and a wide-ranging program.

The design of the hall was developed with help of extensive computer simulations and studies, and acoustic testing on a 1:10 scale physical model.

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