Soka Performing Arts Center

Opening Year 2011
Location Aliso Viejo, California, USA
Capacity 960 seats
Architect Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Architects
Owner Soka University of America
Construction Cost $73M

The Soka University Performing Arts Center and Academic Building opened in September 2011.

The $73 million performing arts center is open to the public, hosting various types of performing arts. For lovers of the performing arts, the center will become another choice among the many fine venues in Orange County.

The building houses a 1,000-seat multipurpose hall, a 150-seat black box theater, support spaces, and classrooms. The multipurpose hall was designed primarily as a concert hall, but also to become suitable for dance, plays and musicals. To satisfy these flexible programs, the design features a curtain system for variable reverberation time and an automated stage lift to accommodate concert, thrust, and convocations stage settings. The seating layout of the multipurpose hall was arranged in the arena style. The room shape was carefully designed for balanced sound distributions. Interior materials were carefully selected to optimize sound reflections’ characteristics. The two layered ceiling design, one for aesthetics and the other for room acoustics, was introduced.

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