Shenzhen Concert Hall

Opening Year 2007
Location Shenzhen, China
Capacity 1,576 seats
Architect Arata Isozaki
Owner City of Shenzhen
Construction Cost RMB 650M

In the city of Shenzhen, China, where the city’s status as a Special Economic Zone has been a catalyst of rapid and remarkable growth, the new Shenzhen Concert Hall complex opened in October, 2007. Arata Isozaki Atelier was selected for the honor of designing for the new Culture Center complex, composed of the concert hall and library. Nagata Acoustics participated on the concert hall project as the acoustical consultant.

The complex contains the Symphony Hall with 1,576 audience seats, the Theatre Studio with 400–580 seats and some rehearsal rooms. The Symphony Hall has a vineyard configuration with a steep audience block arrangement, termed a “canyon terrace.” At the largest point of the audience seating, the room spans 45m wide and 60m long, and has a ceiling height of 25 m. Ensemble reflector panels made of polycarbonate are suspended at the height of approximately 14m above the stage.

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