Shanghai Symphony Hall

Opening Year 2014
Location Shanghai, China
Capacity 1,200 seats
Architect Arata Isozaki
HuQuian Partners
Owner Shanghai Symphony Orchestra
Construction Cost RMB 630M

At first, the project scope encompassed only the rebuilding of the orchestra’s rehearsal room. That plan grew to include seating for an audience of 600 to 800 persons and then expanded to seating for 1,200. Instead of a rehearsal room, the project became a splendid and well-appointed concert hall building with two halls and support spaces.

At the beginning of the architect’s work on the project, the client, the architect and Nagata Acoustics discussed the basic hall configuration options and agreed that the best configuration for this hall is the so-called vineyard shape, with seating on all sides of the stage and much of the seating divided into terraced blocks of seating. The ceiling and the panels that protrude along the side walls are constructed of a wood product with a mesh-patterned finish that creates the acoustically needed sound diffusion that we desired for this hall. In the design, the twin goals of rich acoustics and clarity of sound were prioritized. These two acoustical goals are often considered to be in conflict with each other. Nevertheless, in this hall, both of these goals were achieved with the finest quality for each.

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