Shanghai Symphony Chamber Hall

Opening Year 2014
Location Shanghai, China
Capacity 400~600 seats
Architect Arata Isozaki
HuQuian Partners
Owner Shanghai Symphony Orchestra
Construction Cost RMB 630M

The Chamber Hall’s acoustics and design prioritize use for chamber music concerts, as well as being equipped to also work well as a multipurpose venue. This hall has a basically rectangular shape in the traditional, “shoebox” style. The hall’s main level has an entirely flat floor including both the stage and the audience seating. The main floor has an electric riser system dividing the entire area into 12 sections and enables numerous options for configuring the space.

The hall has two levels of balconies along the side walls and at one end of the hall. We designed these balconies and a fourth level directly above them to maximize their configurability and adaptability for multiple uses. The existence of the balconies can even be camouflaged from view when not in use. The lower (second floor) balcony has freestanding folding chairs for seating. The seats can be entirely removed to create an empty, flat-floored balcony. Likewise, the upper (third floor) balcony also has the same kind of adaptable seating and, in addition, can also be used as a technical balcony. To hide these balconies from view when not in use, large, wood grid panels attach to the front openings of the balconies and close off the openings. Also, the fourth floor space directly above the upper balcony has both walls and a floor with the same wood grids which provide acoustic transparency. Thus, the hall can be used in many creative and practical ways.

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