New World Center Concert Hall

Opening Year 2011
Location Miami, Florida, USA
Capacity 757 seats
Architect Gehry Partners, LLP
Owner New World Symphony
User New World Symphony
Construction Cost $160M

The Frank Gehry-designed facility for the New World Symphony, “America’s Orchestral Academy,” has at its heart the 757-seat auditorium, designed in the arena style. Also in the facility are one large orchestral rehearsal room, seven medium-sized Chamber/Ensemble rehearsal rooms and twenty-four individual coaching/practice rooms. The acoustical design of the 757-seat auditorium was performed in close collaboration with Gehry and the founder of the New World Symphony, conductor Michael Tilson Thomas. Flexibility in rehearsal and performance was one of the prime requirements for the space as the program includes much more than just orchestral performance, are met by a curtain system for variable acoustics, a highly flexible stage lift system, 196 retractable seats and four alternate “Performance Platforms.” Five large “sails” serve as screens for 14 projectors, greatly expanding the multimedia capabilities of the hall.

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