Chapman University Musco Center for the Arts

Opening Year 2016
Location Orange, California, USA
Capacity 1,044 seats
Architect Pfeiffer Partners
Theatre Consultant Theatre Projects Consultants
Owner Chapman University
Construction Cost $82M

With its large stage, fly tower, concert hall-quality sound reflection panel system, an orchestra pit that can accommodate 70 musicians and a proscenium-style stage, this hall fulfills the design intent of a multipurpose theatre that can adapt to the performance needs of many genres. Formally known as Julianne Argyros Orchestra Hall, the hall has a hexagonally-shaped footprint, with main floor audience seating, 2 tiers of balconies at the rear of the hall and 16 loge boxes at the sides of the stage. The proscenium opening measures 19x11m (62x36ft). A shell system was designed to provide appropriate acoustic reflections for classical music performances and to visually contribute to the feeling of continuity between audience and stage. When combined with the hall’s steel frame and equipment for lighting, these elements have a total weight of 55,000kg (120,000lbs).

To adapt the hall’s sound reverberation characteristic for performances that use electro-acoustic equipment, motorized, sound-absorbing curtains can be unfurled between the petal-shaped, three-dimensional wall elements on the side walls of the hall. On the ceiling, the curtains can be deployed horizontally along lighting bridges.

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