Bing Concert Hall, Stanford University

Opening Year 2013
Location Stanford, California, USA
Capacity 842 seats
Architect Ennead
Owner Stanford University
Construction Cost USD 111.9M

The acoustical design of Bing Concert Hall was achieved in close collaboration with Stanford University and Ennead Architects.

The 842-seat concert hall was designed in an arena style to engender exceptional acoustical and visual intimacy between performers and the audience. The natural acoustics of the hall is in a large part determined by its interior geometry. In a collaborative effort with the University and Ennead Architects, the hall’s geometry was shaped with the aid of computer simulation and validated using acoustical scale model testing. Interior materials of the hall were selected carefully to optimize sound characteristics. In order to accommodate diverse types of performances, a variable acoustic system was introduced in the perimeter of the auditorium as well as the stage area of the concert hall.

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