Ann and Jerry Moss Theater (HAEV)

Opening Year 2013
Location Santa Monica, California, USA
Capacity 344 seats
Architect John Berry Architects
Owner New Roads School, Herb Alpert Educational Village
Construction Cost $24M

The recent opening of the Herb Alpert Educational Village (HAEV) on the Santa Monica campus of New Roads School gives the school, its New Visions Foundation and other local educational and arts non-profits a wonderful new facility for their performing arts activities. Herb Alpert, who is famous as a trumpet player and music producer, is also well known as a passionate philanthropist of arts and educational causes and donated a large portion of the funds for this project.

In addition to the 344-seat multipurpose hall and related support rooms, the HAEV building has a conference space, library, and community center equipped with a professional catering kitchen. The multipurpose hall, named the Ann and Jerry Moss Theater, has a mezzanine level and both a proscenium opening and a thrust stage. The audience seating area has a generous width for the theater’s size and comparatively short depth, so that all seats-including those on the mezzanine-offer excellent sight lines to the stage.

Herb Alpert performed the Opening Gala in the Ann and Jerry Moss Theater in March of 2013.

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